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  • Are you a business or organization?
    The #FoodNotPhones initiative can be powerful enough to change behaviors when we have supermarkets, food brands, businesses and organizations all supporting the effort and working together to spread the word internally and on their social media channels. There is no cost in joining the effort.
  • What does it mean to join us?
    To help spread the word and #FoodNotPhones on social media during the specified days throughout the year. The first #FoodNotPhones day is September 19, 2023 – the official National Food Not Phones Day.
  • What happens after joining us?
    You will receive an email acknowledging your support along with suggested social media postings you can modify or use as is and if you checked the “I want to receive the #Food Not Phones” newsletter subscription box you will receive our quarterly e-newsletter. We will NOT post your name or information on the website all information is confidential.
  • Why do you need this information?
    To acknowledge your participation and support and to aggregate the total number of individuals and businesses/organizations that support #FoodNotPhones to use to promote the initiative. We ask for your permission to post your name (or organization) when you sign up. You do not have to have your name published in order to support the initiative.
  • I have some questions...
    View our FAQ for more questions and answers. You can also Contact Us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Food Not Phones?

It’s an initiative led by Phil Lempert and the SupermarketGuru team and supported by major industry leaders including Hy-Vee supermarkets, the Acosta Group, FMI: The Food Industry Association and the Association of Retail and Consumer Professionals to support the enjoyment of our foods, reinforce meaningful relationships and conversations over mealtimes between family, friends and everyone at the dining table. There is no cost for individuals or businesses/organizations to support #FoodNotPhones.

Why should I join and how does it help?

Loneliness has been declared a public health crisis by the U.S. Surgeon General and joining #FoodNotPhones is a small step to reconnect people during mealtimes and help spread the word on social media channels to publicize the official National Food Not Phones Day (September 19) as well as other important meal occasions including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Valentine’s Day and Easter throughout the year. #FoodNotPhones is also a supporter of the FMI: The Food Industry Association’s Family Meals Initiative.

Can I get friends and family to join too?

YES! Our goal is to get everyone to join, put down their phones and enjoy our foods and friends during mealtimes. There is no cost for friends or family to join.

What are the challenges and how do I join them?

National Food Not Phones Day is September 19, in addition we will announce challenges throughout the year to put down your phones during important friends and family food events including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Valentine’s Day and Easter to name a few. The countdown clock on the home page will announce the upcoming challenges.